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Private 5G Networks

Simple, reliable, secure network connectivity

Create Digital Experiences with a Private Network

Pervasive network access is essential to today’s business success. Without reliable access to digital, virtual and cloud network resources, your organization cannot realize the true digital transformation required for agility, competitive advantage and rapid return on investment.

Trilogy NextGen designs, deploys and manages end-to-end private 5G network solutions purpose-built on dedicated wireless spectrum. With a secure network built to meet your specific needs, your business is empowered with real-time, AI-driven analytics and decision making, operational performance, improved efficiencies and security. Applications include:

Unsurpassed Connectivity and Simplicity

Trilogy NextGen delivers highly reliable private LTE/5G networks that solve your most disruptive business challenges. Through a unique blend of cutting-edge technologies, deep systems integration expertise and cyber-security measures, we tailor secure, cost-effective private networking solutions that are fully integrated with your existing IT systems.

1. Identify the needs

Locate areas with inadequate connectivity

Determine optimum speed & latency requirements

Analyze end-user device interaction

2. Design a Private Network

Design coverage and capacity for
specific areas

Select the right network components

Produce a design for your overall topology

3. Deploy, integrate & test

Install and integrate your new network

Bridge to the enterprise local area network

Field test for connectivity, coverage, and performance


Partner Products for Private Networks

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC)

Empower Business With Quick and Simple 5G Connectivity.

Azure Private Multi-Access Edge Compute

Ultra-low-latency networking, applications, and services delivered securely from your premises.

Smart Lighting

Lights that light, see, connect and think

Simplify Your Digital Transformation with
Trilogy NextGen

Trilogy NextGen crafts integrated solutions that bridge the gap between connectivity, intelligence and automation for enterprises, educational institutionssmart citiesindustrial plantsmedia and financial services. Building on our unique expertise spanning Broadband, Broadcast and Cloud, Trilogy NextGen designs seamless experiences that are simple, reliable and secure using private 5GWi-Fi, and ATSC 3.0 datacasting technologies. Our expertise empowers organizations to thrive in today’s ever-evolving digital world.


Private networks school education

Designed for Your Digital Future

Simplify your connectivity challenges with a high-speed network that’s developed specifically to provide you with reliable, clear solutions.

Trilogy NextGen Reimagines the Broadcast Studio with Private 5G

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Industry 4.0

Unlock the Potential of Industry 4.0 with Private LTE/5G

The first wave of the fourth industrial revolution, a.k.a. Industry 4.0, has officially arrived. By 2028, the global Industry 4.0 market is expected to reach $279.75...

Innovative EdTech for Educational Institutions

Building on our unique technology expertise and a rich ecosystem of partners, Trilogy NextGen delivers secure, scalable, connectivity solutions customized to meet your...

The New Connected Campus

How private 5G networks and advanced technology are transforming the traditional higher education campus experience.

As Smart Cities Evolve, So Must Their Infrastructure

The relentless march of technology continues to impact virtually every facet of human life—in 2013, only 13% of American’s owned a smartphone; today that number has...

Nokia brings 5G private wireless to small industrial sites with compact DAC

Nokia today announced the launch of the Nokia DAC PW Compact, a new configuration optimized to meet the private wireless connectivity needs of small-and mid-sized...

Better Communication at the Click of a Button

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Digital Divide Educators

Educators Get Creative in Bridging the Digital Divide

The digital divide in education and its long-term costs continue to grow despite tremendous advances in mobile and wired network technology.

Security Solutions

Effective Security Solutions with Better Connectivity Technology

Deploy better security solutions while maintaining your budget with Private LTE/5G, Datacasting, and fixed wireless access from Trilogy NextGen.


GSX 2023

We’re excited to meet with you at GSX and share how implementing and automating security with a resilient, secure, high-performance security network from Trilogy...

Private LTE FAQs

Why is private LTE better than Wi-Fi?

Private LTE offers better security, more reliable coverage, and greater control over network traffic. It operates on licensed spectrum, reducing interference, and is ideal for environments requiring robust, consistent connectivity and where data sensitivity is a concern. Unlike Wi-Fi, its performance doesn't degrade with distance or obstacles, ensuring stable connections for users and IoT devices.

Why use a private LTE network?

Private LTE networks are used for their superior performance in terms of coverage, capacity, and security. They provide dedicated bandwidth, ensuring consistent data transmission, which is vital for critical communications and industrial IoT applications. Private LTE is ideal for enterprises needing robust, reliable connectivity that is less susceptible to interference and congestion, typical in public networks or traditional Wi-Fi setups.

How does Private LTE differ from Wi-Fi in terms of connectivity?

When comparing Private LTE Vs Wi-Fi, the key differences lie in network infrastructure and coverage. Private LTE provides a dedicated network, offering better control, enhanced security, and superior coverage, especially in extensive or complex environments. It excels in supporting a high number of connections and maintains consistent performance over large areas. Wi-Fi, while cost-effective and popular, can face challenges with coverage consistency and is more susceptible to interference and capacity issues, particularly in densely constructed areas.


What’s the difference between 5G and LTE?

LTE is a 4th generation wireless technology while 5G is a generation more advanced, giving it many performance advantages over LTE. For example, 5G can transmit data at one gigabit per second and support 10,000 connected devices per cell, 10x the speed and capacity of LTE.

Can a 5G network support both 4G LTE and 5G services?

Yes. 5G is a backwards compatible technology, which means it can support 5G as well as 4G (and even 3G) service. But depending on the type of equipment used in the radio access network (RAN), separate antennas and/or radios may be needed to support the various technologies.

Is 5G the same as Private 5G?

Not exactly. 5G is a wireless technology, whereas Private 5G is one use case of that technology. A Private 5G network is owned and operated by the business or facility that uses it, whereas public 5G is owner and operated by a mobile network operator or public utility. This gives Private 5G advantages regarding security (data isn’t routed outside the network to, say, a telco central office facility) and customization (a Private 5G network can be configured to the exact needs of the organization, not so with public 5G.

What is 5G SA and 5G NSA?

5G standalone (SA) and 5G non-standalone (NSA) are different ways of deploying the 5G technology. NSA uses a 5G RAN and 4G LTE core, enabling it to support both technologies. This is why most of the initial 5G deployments are NSA. Eventually, it is expected that the industry will move almost exclusively to end-to-end 5G enabled by 5G SA.