Automate Tasks and Scale Operations

Effective Robotics with Reliable Connectivity

Enhance your manufacturing and security robot workforce.

Innovative Connectivity to Empower Robotics

Since the first industrial robot was used on a New Jersey assembly line, robots have slowly emerged as dependable and practical tools for manufacturers. They’ve improved production while providing safer working conditions for your people working beside them. And now, the emergence of security robot technology provides opportunities to protect your people and assets.

Trilogy NextGen can help you build the infrastructure you need to leverage the full potential of robotic services. By deploying private networks, datacasting, and fixed wireless access technologies, you can digitize business processes, automate tasks and provide extra layers of security. The result is an efficient, robotic workforce that improves productivity while protecting your people and securing your assets.

Solution with Trilogy Connectivity

Trilogy NextGen Kabam Robotics

Benefits of Deploying Manufacturing and Security Robots

Increased Efficiency

Reliable connectivity allows robots to communicate with each other and central control systems making them more efficient and effective.

Maximized Productivity

Reduce downtime and stay operational by maintaining and servicing robots in real-time.

Improved Safety

Limited exposure to dangerous tasks and real-time monitoring can address potential safety hazards before an accident occurs.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor and respond to potential dangers and threats with real-time surveillance and environmental sensors integrated into your autonomous workforce.

Expanded Mobility

Ensure reliable connectivity for robots moving inventory throughout your warehouse or patrolling large areas in sprawling campuses or remote locations.


Reduce manufacturing and security costs by automating dangerous, time-consuming, or overly repetitive tasks.

Protect Your Organization with Dependable Connectivity

Trilogy NextGen provides innovative connectivity solutions that provide the infrastructure needed to power and integrate every component of your physical security solution.

Identify Your Needs

Locate areas with inadequate connectivity

Determine your speed & latency requirements

Analyze end-user device interaction

Design Your Connectivity Solution

Design coverage and capacity for specific areas

Select the right technology

Produce a low-level design for your overall topology

Deploy, Integrate & Test

Install and launch your new network

Perform end-to-end systems integration

Bridge to the enterprise local area network

Field test for connectivity, coverage, and application performance

Industrial networks

Reliable Connectivity with Trilogy NextGen

Trilogy NextGen designs, builds and manages high-speed private networks that provide superior speed, reliability and simplicity for enterprises, educational institutions, smart cities, industrial plants and government agencies. Building on our unique expertise spanning Broadband, Broadcast and Cloud, Trilogy NextGen delivers scalable connectivity solutions customized for any wireless network using private 5G and LTE, Wi-Fi, and ATSC 3.0 technologies. 

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Security Solutions

Effective Security Solutions with Better Connectivity Technology

Deploy better security solutions while maintaining your budget with Private LTE/5G, Datacasting, and fixed wireless access from Trilogy NextGen.


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Fluent in Connectivity

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