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Where Broadband, Broadcast and Cloud Converge.

Trilogy NextGen simplifies the complex, helping you understand and leverage the right technologies to solve your most demanding network challenges.

As experts in broadband, broadcast, and cloud technologies… 

  • We strive to innovate every day,
  • We experiment to know what works and what doesn’t,
  • We make quick but informed decisions,
  • We have open dialogues within our teams and with our customers,
  • We hold ourselves accountable and trust one another for support, and

We focus on results to deliver unmatched services.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reimagine connectivity by leveraging shared, unlicensed, licensed and our own broadcast spectrum to enable differentiated connectivity experiences.  Trilogy NextGen’s vast and specialized experience in designing, deploying and operating networks allows us to bring simple, reliable and secure networks to our customers.

Leadership Team

Trilogy NextGen Larry Haley

Larry Haley, CEO

As CEO, Larry Haley brings experience and vision to Trilogy NextGen. Overseeing Trilogy’s unprecedented convergence of CBRS, ATSC 3.0, public/private cloud, and WI-FI to create custom-built and unique LTE/5G networks, Larry leads the company’s mission to serve the underserved with more effective data delivery solutions. Before joining Trilogy NextGen, he transformed the world’s largest faith-based broadcaster, Trinity Broadcast Network, into the industry leader it is today.

Trilogy NextGen Parag Shah

Parag Shah, President

With more than 30 years of experience in telecommunications, Parag Shah utilizes his knowledge and expertise to drive Trilogy NextGen and help reimagine how broadcast spectrum, cloud, CBRS and LTE/5G come together to create a new way to connect. Before joining Trilogy, Parag drove strategy and growth at Amdocs Inc., leading their Private Enterprise Networks (PEN), 5G Mobile Services, Wireline Engineering and O-RAN initiatives.

Trilogy NextGen Varun Vashisht

Varun Vashisht, Head of Sales

As Head of Sales, Varun defines Trilogy NextGen’s sales strategies focused on commercializing essential use cases for private networks based on broadcast, CBRS and unlicensed spectrum across multiple technologies including Private LTE/5G, cloud and ATSC 3.0. Before joining Trilogy, he spent 15 years in various sales and engineering roles to develop expertise in selling new technology solutions to new verticals and customers including carriers and enterprises.

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Trilogy NextGen FAQs

Who is Trilogy NextGen?

Trilogy NextGen is a forward-thinking company at the forefront of connectivity solutions. We design, integrate and manage cutting-edge wireless and network technologies, enabling customers to tackle a wide range of challenges across education, smart cities, and industrial sectors. Our expertise in broadband, broadcast, and cloud technologies helps simplify the complexity of today’s communication and connectivity networks. We make it easy for customers to develop, maintain and evolve reliable and secure networks, now and in the future.    

What are the services and products offered by Trilogy NextGen?

Trilogy NextGen offers a suite of services and products that showcase our experience with Private Networks, Datacasting, Fixed Wireless Access, and Broadband Connectivity solutions. Fluent in technologies like Private LTE/5G, Wi-Fi, and ATSC 3.0, we can tailor a best-fit solution to meet the unique demands of virtually any industry and application.

What are the benefits of using Trilogy's solutions?

Partnering with Trilogy as a systems integrator and/or solutions provider, offers a host of advantages:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Reliable, high-speed internet and network connectivity support diverse environments and your most demanding applications.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized services and solutions for education, smart city, and industrial applications ensure the specific network coverage, capacity and reliability you need.
  • Future-ready Technology: By integrating next-generation solutions—like Private LTE/5G and datacasting—into existing networks, we ensure you’re prepared for what’s next.
  • Extensive Reach: Trilogy NextGen specializes in connecting underserved areas, helping to bridge the digital divide.
  • Operational Excellence and Security: Our commitment to operational efficiency and robust security measures keeps businesses and public services ahead of the curve.
How can I contact Trilogy NextGen?

To get in touch with us, we invite you to:



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