Futureproof Your City

Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities

Transform the way your local government operates.

Your City is Growing

More than 55% of the world’s population currently resides in a city or urban area. By 2050, it’ll be almost 70%. Growing populations need more broadband, energy, water, transportation, food and entertainment. That unprecedented demand can burden your local infrastructure if you’re unprepared.

Transform your community into a connected city with innovative wireless solutions from Trilogy NextGen. Custom-built networks give you the bandwidth and speed to embrace new technologies that improve your operations while minimizing costs. This will prepare your local government for the future, turning your community into a smart city while satisfying the growing demands of your residents and local businesses.


Event Venues

Elevate your fan experience with interactive apps, simplified vendor transactions, and increased safety during popular sporting events and concerts.



Connect your public transportation fleet to revolutionize how you move people and goods through your community more efficiently and safely.



Increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by improving how essential services like water and energy are produced, distributed and managed.



Optimize your supply chain with more accurate asset tracking, enhanced operational efficiency and real-time data insights.



Create data-driven construction sites that improve project management for enhanced safety, more efficient workflows and seamless communication.


First Responders

Improve response time and situational awareness while ensuring the safety of the public and your first responders with seamless and real-time communication.



Streamline operations by leveraging telehealth, wearable technology and remote monitoring to create effective and personal healthcare.


Smart Homes

Transform traditional houses into intelligent living spaces that provide homeowners the convenience, comfort, and security they deserve.


Transform Your City with Trilogy NextGen

Private LTE/5G Networks

Providing high-speed connectivity, Private Networks enable you to process real-time data to manage operations more efficiently across the city and provide internet access to those that need it most.


Create more efficient management systems for water, power and gas meters.Keep your personnel and residents informed with critical emergency alerts and weather updates using our specialized one-to-many communication network featuring ATSC 3.0.

Fixed Wireless Access

Support remote services like telehealth, online education and remote work by providing reliable and fast internet access to underserved portions of your community.

Safety & Security

Secure critical infrastructure with remote monitoring, access control and autonomous security robots during emergencies while assessing critical real-time data and seamless communication.

IT Services

From staff augmentation to cloud/application migrations, our team of professionals is there to help in all matters related to IT services, allowing you to efficiently manage your smart city data.

IoT Utilization

Support many IoT devices and sensors like smart lighting, environmental sensors and surveillance cameras to provide your residents with better safety standards and cost-efficiency.

Smarter Cities with Better Connectivity

Provide better experiences and service to your residents with connectivity solutions customized to meet your city’s unique needs. Trilogy NextGen designs, builds, and manages high-speed networks that provide superior broadband speed, security, reliability and simplicity for private enterprises, educational institutions, smart cities, industrial plants and government agencies. Building on our unique Broadband, Broadcast and Cloud expertise, Trilogy NextGen delivers scalable connectivity solutions customized for any wireless network using Private LTE/5G, Wi-Fi, and ATSC 3.0 technologies.

Funding & Grant Programs

Get the financial assistance you need to connect your community. Explore these programs to ensure you have the resources you need to launch the network that’s right for you.

Digital Divide Educators

Educators Get Creative in Bridging the Digital Divide

The digital divide in education and its long-term costs continue to grow despite tremendous advances in mobile and wired network technology.

Security Solutions

Effective Security Solutions with Better Connectivity Technology

Deploy better security solutions while maintaining your budget with Private LTE/5G, Datacasting, and fixed wireless access from Trilogy NextGen.


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Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities

Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities

More than 55% of the world’s population currently resides in a city or urban area. By 2050, it’ll be almost 70%. Growing populations need more broadband, energy, water,...
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