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Innovative Solutions for Educational Institutions

Digitally enable your schools and education platforms.

Connectivity is the lifeline of education

Powering today’s IT infrastructure enables educators at K-12 and higher education institutions to offer best-in-class opportunities for their students. Our offerings are driven by world-class connectivity solutions and a rich ecosystem of partners and technology to bring new life to education.

Because the technology needs in a kindergarten classroom are vastly different from a university research lab, we offer end-to-end, customized solutions to meet your unique needs and optimize any education environment. 

Smart Classroom

Transform traditional classrooms into dynamic and interactive learning environments with seamless access to online educational resources, virtual classrooms, and interactive learning platforms.


Education Technology

Support innovative technology that takes students beyond the textbook with tablets, smartboards, augmented reality, virtual reality, game learning, and 3D printing.


Library Services

Reinvent your library into a vibrant hub of learning, innovation and classroom engagement with virtual access to academic journals, multimedia content, and immersive learning experiences.


Remote Learning

Physical attendance is no longer mandatory with remote learning options providing video participation, digital textbooks and online project collaboration.


Safety & Security

Protect your students and staff with remote access control and video surveillance that provides critical real-time data in dangerous situations so first responders have situational awareness.


Classroom Communications

Ensure everyone stays informed by delivering educational content, homework assignments and announcements directly to your teachers and students.


Parent-Teacher Engagement

Foster a collaborative community of parents and teachers by using connectivity solutions to keep everyone informed with virtual meetings, important announcements and event live streams.


Transform your School Connectivity with Trilogy NextGen

Private LTE/5G Networks

Private Networks enable districts to offer internet connectivity to those in need, solving issues related to the digital divide and equity.



Keeping our children safe is the utmost priority. Our offerings, from autonomous security robots to wireless and wired cameras, enable proactive monitoring and protection.

IT Services

From Staff Augmentation to Cloud/Application migrations, our team of professionals is there to help in all matters related to IT Services.


Network Infrastructure to provide wireless and wired connectivity for telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries.

Neutral Host for Public Wireless Network Connectivity

Have trouble with cellphone services inside your campus? Our technology team provides efficient and cost-effective solutions to enhance the signal and provide potential revenue-generating solutions to you.


Using our unique and specialized one-to-many communications network using ATSC 3.0, we can bring data or programming to ALL the different stakeholders in your district.

Audio – Visual

From smartboards and TVs to communication systems leveraging the latest technologies, we provide solutions to all your audio/visual needs.

Smarter Education with Better Connectivity

Support every student and teacher with connectivity solutions customized to meet your institution’s unique needs. Trilogy NextGen designs, builds, and manages high-speed networks that provide superior broadband speed, security, reliability and simplicity for private enterprises, educational institutions, smart cities, industrial plants and government agencies. Building on our unique Broadband, Broadcast and Cloud expertise, Trilogy NextGen delivers scalable connectivity solutions customized for any wireless network using Private LTE/5G, Wi-Fi, and ATSC 3.0 technologies.

Funding & Grant Programs

Get the financial assistance you need to connect your community. Explore these programs to ensure you have the resources you need to launch the network that’s right for you.

Digital Divide Educators

Educators Get Creative in Bridging the Digital Divide

The digital divide in education and its long-term costs continue to grow despite tremendous advances in mobile and wired network technology.

Security Solutions

Effective Security Solutions with Better Connectivity Technology

Deploy better security solutions while maintaining your budget with Private LTE/5G, Datacasting, and fixed wireless access from Trilogy NextGen.


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Fluent in Connectivity

Simplify your network with robust solutions that are reliable across every application and into every corner of your network.