Bringing Broadband to the Underserved

Fixed Wireless Access Broadband Connectivity

Bridge the gap and finally enter the digital age.

Get Connected with a Full-Solution Wireless Network

Leveraging the reliability of radio wave transmissions, fixed wireless access (FWA) solutions eliminates the burden of installing expensive infrastructure like phone lines, coaxial cables or fiber optics.

Trilogy NextGen provides a secure and dependable solution that provides clear connectivity in areas that traditionally don’t have access to effective networks. It’s effective, secure, and faster to deploy. To accomplish this, we:

  • Design the solution based on your network requirements.
  • Connect you to reliable network core service.
  • Combine last mile FWA with middle mile fiber.


Datacasting to millions of devices

A Smarter Approach to Affordable Connectivity

Trilogy NextGen connects underserved communities, businesses, institutions through last mile FWA solutions that deliver quality, affordable data connectivity using shared spectrum. Stay connected and relevant in the digital age with Trinity NextGen’s best in-class solutions for the convergence of broadband, broadcast, and cloud.


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Trilogy NextGen

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Fluent in Connectivity

Simplify your network with robust fixed wireless solutions that are reliable across every application and into every corner of your network.