Designing, Building, and Managing Carrier-Grade Internet Connectivity Networks

Trilogy NextGen builds and operates high-speed broadband networks that provide connectivity for k12 schools, higher education institutions, municipalities, communities, and private enterprises. Our solutions are carrier-grade and robust, capable of supporting many users over a large geographic footprints.  Our next generation IP-based multicast data delivery provides superior broadband speeds, alleviates network bottle necks, and increases traffic efficiencies with innovative tools.

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Trilogy's Networks serve the growing demand for better coverage

The Covid – 19 pandemic has accelerated consumer demand for secure wireless broadband services.  Private LTE|5G networks have emerged as a technically viable and superior alternative helping schools, municipalities and enterprises better manage their network and security requirements. 


Networks that cover the school campus and surrounding area providing students access at school and at home.
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Underserved or rural municipalities, Smart cities, Smart grid and Internet of Things (IoT)


Tribal nations, rural & underserved communities


Private Enterprise Networks provide security and high speeds to manufactures and agriculture businesses.
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Trilogy NextGen's Real World Solutions

The professionals at Trilogy NextGen leverage 5G technology, Software Defined Network and Network Functions Virtualization to build customed connectivity solutions to meet your current business needs and prepare you for the future. Our World Class Test Lab custom fits best of class hardware which uniquely fit each customer, based on use cases and digital needs.

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Leveraging Multi-Spectrum Tech to Design the Next-Gen Networks

The engineers at Trilogy NextGen combine Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and TV Whitespace (TVWS) with the unique capabilities of ATSC 3.0 to deliver superior network performance while increasing traffic efficiencies.  

    • Multi Technology solution enabling superior performance
    • Reliable coverage enabling connectivity even in remote areas
    • Security and privacy protection
    • Future proof design capable of 5G upgrades