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End-to-End Wireless Networks

Solve your most demanding network challenges by understanding and leveraging the right technology.

Innovative Solutions for The Most Demanding Network Challenges

Every day, the demand for reliable, efficient wireless connectivity grows while the array of technologies gets more complex and confusing. Trilogy NextGen simplifies connectivity by designing, deploying, and operating Wi-Fi, ATSC 3.0, and LTE/5G networks that keep you connected

Network Services

Engineering Consulting Services

Expert advice to help you understand the technology you need.

Engineering Design Services

Personalized networks designed to addresses your specific challenges.


Secure data storage that’s available whenever and wherever you need it.


Professionally deployed networks that connect your organization to the world.


All of your connectivity needs in one simple management solution.

Reliable and Secure Purpose-Built Networks

At Trilogy NextGen, we reimagine connectivity by leveraging purpose-built networks for your specific challenges. Our fixed wireless knowledge and specialized experience bring cost-effectiveness and faster time-to-market for our customers.

Digital Divide Educators

Educators Get Creative in Bridging the Digital Divide

The digital divide in education and its long-term costs continue to grow despite tremendous advances in mobile and wired network technology.

Security Solutions

Effective Security Solutions with Better Connectivity Technology

Deploy better security solutions while maintaining your budget with Private LTE/5G, Datacasting, and fixed wireless access from Trilogy NextGen.


GSX 2023

We’re excited to meet with you at GSX and share how implementing and automating security with a resilient, secure, high-performance security network from Trilogy...

Building a Broadband Bridge for All

Native Americans Set to Cross the Digital Divide Source: FCC Broadband Deployment Report, 2020 In today’s world, connectivity is the lifeline of education; yet a...
Tips for Writing Successful Digital Learning Grants

Tips for Writing Successful Digital Learning Grants

Nobody knows your students and their challenges better than you. As hard as you push them in the classroom to succeed, you also fight passionately for them, doing...

Innovative Connectivity for Robotics

As we continue integrating robots into various aspects of our lives, the need for reliable and robust systems to support these advanced machines becomes increasingly...

Innovative Connectivity for Security Robotics

Optimize your robotic security with Private LTE/5G and CBRS solutions from Trilogy NextGen. With custom-built CBRS networks, you’ll have better connectivity than what’s...
Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities

Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities

More than 55% of the world’s population currently resides in a city or urban area. By 2050, it’ll be almost 70%. Growing populations need more broadband, energy, water,...
Connectivity Solutions for Education

Innovative Solutions for Educational Institutions

For Trilogy NextGen, providing affordable, reliable internet access – especially in low-income neighborhoods – will go a long way toward closing the digital...
datacasting for schools

How Datacasting Helps Schools Serve the Unconnected

The COVID-19 pandemic was a global tragedy. If there is any silver lining to be found, it is that the pandemic shone a spotlight on America’s digital divide and what’s...

Fluent in Connectivity

Simplify your network with robust solutions that are reliable across every application and into every corner of your network.