Enterprise Security

Protecting People, Property and Assets

Verkada security powered by Trilogy NextGen

In a digital world, connectivity drives security. Wired and wireless, private 5G and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and datacasting. This is the hidden language of security, and Trilogy NextGen speaks it fluently.

Working with global partners, like Verkada, we help you design, integrate and manage security solutions that protect your people, facilities and assets. Video surveillance, air quality monitoring, access control, digital intercom and more. All deployed and managed with one unified cloud-managed platform, powered by Trilogy connectivity. Simple, reliable and secure.

Verkada Command Platform

This single, integrated cloud-managed platform enables you to provision, manage and secure any Verkada device and user within minutes and from anywhere. Using powerful analytics and software-based design, it’s constantly learning, delivering actionable insights with information integrated across devices.

An entire ecosystem of Verkada security devices enable you to customize an integrated and seamless solution that’s easy to deploy, manage and scale.

Key Features

Video Cameras

360-degree visibility for any location or application. Available in bullet, dome, mini, fisheye, multi-sensor and pan-tilt-zoom designs. Cameras deploy in minutes with a PoE connection and provide up to 365 days of built-in video storage.

Access Control

Simplify enterprise access control and enhance security with easy-to-deploy, cloud-based devices and software. Manage devices remotely while still getting unparalleled visibility and analytics.

Video Intercom

Answer calls, grant entry and secure entrances from anywhere with cloud-managed video intercom solutions that deliver digital video and audio and fast, flexible deployment.

Security Alarm

Turn any Verkada device into a powerful, customizable security alarm with all the capabilities you need: live agent 24/7 monitoring, intruder detection and deterrence, customizable panic buttons and more.

Indoor Air Quality

Safeguard employees and visitors with solutions that monitor the indoor air quality for gas, chemicals, odors, particulates and even noise levels.

Visitor check-in

Intuitive and automated check-in for visitors provides automatic host notifications, real-time background checks and more, while increasing building security.

Delivery management

Streamline and track mailroom and delivery management with Verkada solutions that automate label scanning and photo validation, recipient notifications, analytics and reporting, and more.

Cellular gateways

All Verkada devices connect back to the Command platform through indoor and outdoor cellular gateways, enabling you to deploy and support devices, even in hard-to-wire locations like parking lots, construction sites, and streetlight poles.

Powered by Trilogy Connectivity

The entire Verkada security platform relies on connectivity that is seamless, reliable and secure—the hallmark of Trilogy NextGen. Every day we help customers solve their toughest security challenges with connectivity solutions that leverage multiple technologies and decades of industry experience.

Trilogy NextGen crafts integrated solutions that bridge the gap between connectivity, intelligence and automation. We are architects of digital transformation, designing seamless experiences that are simple, reliable and secure. Our expertise empowers organizations to thrive in today’s ever-evolving digital world.

To learn more about the Verkada security platform powered by Trilogy NextGen, contact us. We’re located at the corner of security and connectivity.

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