Financial Services

Paving the way to your Digital Future

How Trilogy NextGen helps transform your digital capabilities

Get Ahead of the Change

Disruptive regulatory changes, rising demand for digital services, an aging legacy infrastructure, and escalating security risks. For IT managers in the financial services sector, this is a perfect storm. Time to rethink business as usual.

You know what you need—generative AI, microservices, centralized data lakes, digital workflows, robotic process automation, etc. You need a partner to help make it happen. An experienced digital orchestrator who can help design, source, implement and manage the technology solutions that can take you wherever you want to go.

Trilogy NexGen: Your Financial Services Technology Partner

Trilogy NexGen is a leading technology solutions integrator for financial services providers. We understand your challenges, internal and external, and how today’s current and emerging technologies can help solve them.

With broad technical expertise and a deep bench, we work with you to develop and deploy a customized, long-term solution; one that’s based on your business objectives and optimized for your unique operating environment.

Our comprehensive suite of services, technical expertise and industry insight enable you to reimagine what’s possible.

We Help You Do More

Digital Banking

Seamlessly connect and engage customers with mobile apps and personalized web experiences.

Use open APIs to integrate with third-party applications and expand your service offerings.

Predict customers’ financial needs and target products and services with advanced analytics.

Cloud Enablement

Minimize downtime, protect data and scale your infrastructure with secure cloud migration.

Microservices architecture breaks large applications into small, modular components, accelerating development and deployment.

Containerize applications into portable standardized units for deployment across multiple clouds.

Data Analytics

Build centralized data lakes to store, manage and analyze structured/unstructured data.

Integrate ML and AI to extract data insights, identify trends, predict customer behavior, etc.

Use real-time analytics solutions to evaluate customer behaviors and market trends as they change.

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage robotic process automation to handle repetitive tasks, freeing workers to focus on higher-value activities.

Use AI-enabled chatbots/virtual assistants for 24/7 customer support and better customer engagement.

Implement AI-based fraud detection to identify risks, protecting your institution and customers.

Regulatory Compliance

Automate compliance processes, streamline regulatory reporting and mitigate risk.

Leverage cybersecurity solutions to prevent cyberattacks, safeguard data and ensure compliance.

Continuously monitor processes to identify and address potential compliance gaps in real-time.

Financial Services Solutions

Private LTE 5G Networks

Private Networks

Get network connectivity where you need it most.


Empower your organization with cloud services for a seamless digital transformation.

IT Services

Enhance your organization’s efficiency, security, and competitiveness in an increasingly technology-driven world.

Adapt and evolve with Trilogy NextGen

When it comes to the technology of financial services, a successful digital transformation is critical. Trilogy NextGen helps you make the most of your opportunity. Comprehensive capabilities, complete peace of mind.

Trilogy Financial Services

Business Needs, Technology Refresh, Regulatory Compliance

1. Plan and Consult

Digital transformation strategy development

Solutions Architecture

Business Process Analysis

Feasibility Studies

Regulatory Compliance Gap Analysis

2. Build

Mobile App Development

Online Banking Platform Development

API Integration

Cloud Migration

ML and AI Integration

Data Lake Implementation

RegTech solution Implementation

Cybersecurity Implementation

3. Deliver/Deploy

Infrastructure/cloud migration

DevOps and DevSecOps

Project/Program Management

Testing and QA

Change Management

Training and Education

4. Run/Manage

Application Management Services

Infrastructure Management Services

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Compliance Management

24/7, NOC, Helpdesk and Support


Turnkey Services

Blueprints & Standardization

Designed for Your Digital Future

Simplify your connectivity challenges with a high-speed network that’s developed specifically to provide you with reliable, clear solutions.

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