Connecting Media and Entertainment to the Future

Improve coverage, capacity and capabilities with private network technology

The rules have changed. (What about your network infrastructure?)

For everything from remote shoots and live event streaming to in-studio production, post edit workflows and content data management, today’s media and entertainment providers are under extreme pressure to create more content with greater appeal in less time, in the most cost-effective way.

Advanced digital technologies—virtualized production environments, AI-generated imaging, remote connectivity tools for streaming, visualization, control, etc.—are key enablers. But supporting them requires a next-generation wired/wireless network that can ensure ubiquitous coverage, high capacity bandwidth and reliable ultra-low latency performance.

Why private networks?

When it comes to supporting better, faster content creation and distribution, an all-digital private network offers key advantages over public networks.

  • Tailored to your specific network needs
  • Better wireless coverage and performance
  • Remote 5G coverage in areas without service
  • Traffic stays onsite for improved data security
  • More capacity for production, distribution and administration

Why Trilogy NextGen?

We understand the current challenges facing entertainment and media enterprises and how evolving network technologies can help solve them.

With broad technical expertise and a deep bench, we work with you to develop and deploy a customized, long-term solution; one that enables you to make the most of your digital opportunities.

See how Trilogy NextGen is Reimagining the Broadcast Studio with Private 5G



Increasing your value, inside and out

Leveraging the power of private networking, we enable you to do more

Connect everyone, everywhere

Strengthen and extend your wireless coverage while supporting services like push-to-talk and digital intercom. We enable you to reach areas that Wi-Fi or public networks can’t—like sound booths, recording studios and parking lots—to keep your teams connected, wherever they are.

Improve bandwidth and latency

Creating and distributing content involves massive amounts of data and ultra-low latency streaming performance. A private network delivers all the bandwidth and speed you need. So, you can support post-production data demands, high speed wireless video transmission, office applications and IoT technologies like automated and guided robots.

Take the network with you

With a wireless network on wheels, your private network is completely mobile, able to provide 5G or LTE service even where there is no public coverage. So, you can support live remote broadcasting/production and secure wireless point of sale for festivals, concerts, events and more.

Media and Entertainment Solutions

Private LTE 5G Networks

Private Networks

Get network connectivity where you need it most.


Enhance your manufacturing and security robot workforce.


Improve your physical security with dependable connectivity that helps you protect what’s important.

Private networks are only the beginning

Private networks are part of much larger opportunity reshaping entertainment and media. Other developments, like ATSC 3.0 and Citizen Band Radio Services (CBRS), are helping broadcasters and content creators reclaim the market share lost to over-the-top video providers. Next-generation communication technologies are quickly finding a home inside media and entertainment companies of all sizes.

Adapt and evolve with Trilogy NextGen

When it comes to technology in media and entertainment, everything is in play. Private networks, broadcasting, datacasting, Wi-Fi, broadband and more. Trilogy NextGen helps you make the most of your opportunity. Comprehensive capabilities, complete peace of mind.

Designed for Your Digital Future

Simplify your connectivity challenges with a high-speed network that’s developed specifically to provide you with reliable, clear solutions.

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