Smart Lighting

Intelligence Illuminated

Lights that light, see, connect and think

In a world where a phone is more than a phone and a computer does more than compute, you should expect nothing less from your light fixtures.

From city streets to store aisles, intelligent lighting provides much more than illumination. It senses and communicates, protects and thinks, creating a more intelligent, efficient and safer environment.

At Trilogy NextGen, we’re partnering with Juganu, a leading developer of smart lighting technology, to help you realize more value and potential from your existing lighting infrastructure.

The result? A unified, intelligent platform that transforms your city or store into a connected, easy-to-manage ecosystems while eliminating the need for multiple vendors and infrastructures.

Designed, deployed and supported by Juganu and Trilogy NextGen, they provide a win-win-win for you, your bottom line and your end users.

Light that lights

Lighting that excels in both quality and efficiency. Lighting levels are adjustable for optimal performance.

Light that sees

Multiple sensors, including video cameras, microphones, etc. embedded within the fixture.

Light that connects

Wireless backhaul and access networks that bring total cost of ownership down dramatically.

Light that thinks

Sophisticated edge AI to support multiple services and applications.

Unlock Your Digital Potential

Now, you can turn any light fixture into a high-power, digital hub and enable a wide range of digital services. 4G/5G wireless, WiFi access, IOT sensors, CCTVs, AI processing, dynamic lighting control and more. The result is a unified and scalable platform capable of monitoring, protecting, connecting and serving any outdoor area or retail location.

Key Features

Single-Source Solution

Work with a single trusted partner and eliminate the cost, delays and frustrations of a fragmented, multi-vendor solution.

Better Bottom Line

Improve ROI and TCO with solutions that are fast and easy to deploy and manage on your existing lighting infrastructure.


Data-Driven Planning

Embedded AI and distributed far-edge analytics provide the powerful insights and metrics that enable data-driven decisions.

Happier End Users

Deliver the services users want—wireless access, enhanced safety, intelligent parking, less traffic and much more.

Smart Lighting Platforms

Smart City

Connect and enable public spaces throughout the city to protect and inform, as well as illuminate.

Public safety: Count and categorize people and vehicles; monitor air quality; read license plates; identify distress calls, suspicious activities and situations.

Parking and traffic: Monitor and manage traffic flows and availability of public parking; measure and analyze vehicle counts to improve planning.

Connectivity services: Densify small cell coverage to support 5G; broadcast emergency alerts; deliver timely information to increase participation and engagement.

Illuminate, Connect and Enhance

Trilogy NextGen crafts integrated solutions that bridge the gap between connectivity, intelligence and automation. Architects of digital transformation, we design seamless experiences that are simple, reliable and secure. Our expertise empowers organizations to thrive in today’s ever-evolving digital world.

Juganu is a groundbreaking and sustainable platform that leverages lighting infrastructure to create a fully digitized and connected environment, offering distributed computer vision capabilities with a wide range of applications for Smart Cities and Smart Retail.

To learn more about intelligent smart lighting platforms from Juganu and Trilogy NextGen, contact your Trilogy NextGen representative.


Designed for Your Digital Future

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