CBRS Private Wireless Intercom Systems

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The key to any great event is reliable communication. From sports and entertainment to conferences and festivals, communication is essential among the crews for your guests to experience something extraordinary. It helps you call in the right play, cue the big finale, and alert staff when there’s a problem.

Optimize your communications with a flexible solution that meets your unique needs and scales with your event. Trilogy NextGen has partnered with Green-GO to offer a comprehensive mobile wireless digital intercom system.

The Trilogy Intercom System powered by Green-GO is a secure, reliable, flexible, and scalable IP-based intercom system that provides amazing audio quality. Combined with CBRS Private Cellular, the system is a great fit for reliable wireless intercom for applications in Education, Industrial, and Smart Cities.

Sporting Events

Whether it’s on the gridiron, court, field, racetrack, arena, or pitch, a reliable wireless digital intercom system provides the communication your team needs to make in-game / race adjustments.

Music Concerts

The performers may be the stars, but the communication between your production staff, stage crew, event organizers, and security ensures the show goes on.

Warehouse & Manufacturing Operations

Personnel needs to coordinate activities on the warehouse or manufacturing floors while communicating with staff to make sure the operations are smooth. A robust wireless intercom solution that works in any corner of the floor is key for productivity.

Trade Shows & Conferences

From AV techs to event planners, every detail must be coordinated between teams working behind the scenes so everything goes smoothly.

Cruise Ship Operations

On a ship with thousands of passengers, coordination is essential to keeping every soul on board happy, engaged, and safe.

Outdoor Events

Whether it’s a marathon, fall festival, or parade, events in open spaces need dedicated communications to coordinate your volunteers and staff.

Key Features

Amazing Voice Quality

Amazing Voice Quality

  • Clear and reliable audio with minimal lag for synchronized voice and human interactions.
  • Offers communication with very low latency (10 ms) and low network bandwidth (< 400 kbps per active channel) while maintaining high audio quality (up to 48 kHz).
  • Communicate with up to 22 kHz of audio bandwidth (48 kHz sample rate) without increasing the maximum network bandwidth requirements.


  • Operates on a dedicated CBRS private network for reliable mobile operations of the wireless belt packs. Mitigates noisy environments of their frequency bands (e.g.: DECT) and assures consistent performance.
  • Dedicated network bridge for each setup to make sure all the communications are reliable and secure.
  • Ability to save the running configuration of all adopted devices into permanent startup configuration. This will allow devices to function independently without access to centralized control software


  • Secure all your communications with symmetrical AES-256 encryption to prevent potential eavesdropping.
  • Devices missing the encryption key will not be able to decrypt any audio coming from a protected source.

Access Protection

  • Software enables you to monitor or control your system from multiple devices at once.
  • Provides two-level access protection that provides either no access, only monitoring access, or full access to the system and its configuration.

3000 Users & 400 Groups

  • Provides ample room for any type of application by supporting up to 3000 users and 400 groups in a single system.
  • This allows for systems with high device density and complex communication structures.

32 Communication Channels

  • Every device / Engine provides full access to 32 independent communication channels.
  • Channel can be assigned to either a user (for private and direct communication) or a group (conference or party line) and are highly configurable.

4 Special Channels

  • In addition to the 32 communication channels, each device / Engine provides four extra channels that are mostly passive (listen-only).
  • Program audio, announcements, emergency, and a bi-directional direct channel.


  • Dashboards are freely customizable and allow you to manage, monitor, or diagnose your system effectively.
  • Each card can be customized and filtered to only show relevant objects.

Decentralized & Flexible

  • System doesn’t require any central processing, making it highly flexible and not prone to general failure.
  • The only things you need to get started are an IP network supplying PoE and at least two devices.

Multiple Device Profiles

  • Profile enables you to set up and store a device-specific configuration for your users, providing access to every device.
  • As a result, you can create configurations and device setups precisely as your users need them to be.

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