Security Robots: Mobile, Intelligent and Capable

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In a few short years, robotics have rapidly evolved, moving beyond the manufacturing floor and into our daily lives. As technology advances and the possibilities expand, robots are being deployed in a wide range of environments. One of the most exciting developments is the use of advanced robotics for a host of security applications.

Autonomous and mobile, security robots use advanced technologies like GPS localization and contour-based navigation to patrol the environment, collecting data and carrying out specific security tasks. They can also interact with employees, using on-board video to connect the employee to a live security specialist to report a potential concern or get basic information.

Protecting Indoors and Out

Robots can be deployed virtually anywhere security personnel are needed and can patrol for extended length, 24/7/365 without tiring or needing a day off. Their wide-ranging capabilities enable a variety of use cases.

Indoor security

Able to access and operate elevators and process a wide variety of external stimuli, security robots are being deployed inside buildings and facilities.

Some use cases include:

  • Identifying and verifying potential intruders
  • Detecting faulty building systems
  • Providing mobile concierge services
  • Spotting and reporting suspicious, unattended items

Outdoor security

All-terrain/all-weather design plus a host of AI-driven features make outdoor security robots indispensable to security personnel teams.

Some use cases include:

  • Recognizing and reporting suspicious vehicles and people
  • Identifying active or existing security breaches
  • Patrolling and securing remote parking lots/garages
  • Ensuring facility doors are properly closed

Public security

Mobile, visible and AI-enabled, security robots can safely navigate public spaces looking for and responding to known security vulnerabilities.

Some applications include:

  • Increasing a city’s existing police presence
  • Providing surveillance and deterrence on education and corporate campuses
  • Providing additional security resources inside schools
  • Providing On-site security and event information at public venues

A Safer Environment and More Secure Bottom Line

Mobility & Flexibility

Patrol and survey larger more complex areas to detect and report environmental anomalies.


Reduce your security costs and cover tasks that are timeconsuming, stressful or dangerous.

Reduced Worker Exposure

Reduce the risks of significant injury or death to your team by limiting their exposure.

Continuous Monitoring

Ensure 24/7 surveillence with minimal human intervention or involvement.

Enhanced Workforce

Free up your security professionals so they can focus on more important tasks.

Security Robots from Trilogy

Trilogy NextGen is proud to partner with Kabam Robotics, owner of the world’s largest deployed fleet of security robots. Anchored by their flagship solutions—Co-Lab (indoor security) and Halo (outdoor security)—Kabam and Trilogy have you covered, inside and out.


Co-Lab is an autonomous indoor robot designed to provide 24/7 safety and surveillance, as well as mobile concierge services. A two-meter telescopic camera provides 360-degree visibility of the environment enabling Co-Lab to capture and analyze an extensive range of input. An interactive screen allows users to access various directories & concierge functions. With eight hours of continuous run time, lift integration, site-map sharing and easy-to-use mission control interface, Co-Lab protects your entire facility while improving service for employees and guests. 


With a robust all-terrain drive system and weather-resistant shell, Halo traverses rugged and uneven landscapes, patrolling, watching and protecting regardless of the conditions. Its 360-degree view captures extensive information for comprehensive surveillance and sophisticated analytics. License plate recognition, active perimeter security breaches, facial recognition and more. Equipped with sirens and strobe lights, Halo creates heightened visibility and a commanding presence.

Powered by Trilogy NextGen Connectivity

As valuable and as capable as security robotics are, they’re only as effective and reliable as their network connectivity. With extended range and huge data requirements, security robots depend on high-speed connectivity with ultra-high reliability and blanket coverage. Delivering it often involves multiple technologies, including Private LTE/5G, fixed wireless, Wi-Fi and wired connectivity.

Trilogy NextGen is fluent in each of these technologies; we’ll tailor a best-fit approach based on your current and emerging security needs and network infrastructure. We can also protect your network through redundancy and fail-safe measures like power backups and traffic prioritization to maintain continuous operation and minimal downtime for security systems.

As a result, we can ensure you’re able to support the robotic security applications needed to safeguard your space and those who use it. Today and tomorrow.

Fluent in Connectivity

Simplify your network with robust solutions that are reliable across every application and into every corner of your network.