Material Transport Robots: Moving You Forward

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Navigate the Challenges

Inside manufacturing, distribution and retail facilities, rising consumer demand is creating disruptive change. Managers at every level are under pressure to push productivity higher while containing costs. They’re looking to next-generation material transport robotics for help.

From 2022 to 2030, the global material handling robotics market is expected to grow from $89.3 million (USD) to $225.6 million.1 A literal driver of that growth, are compact robots that push and pull carts and bins of goods and materials to wherever they are needed. More than convenient, material transport robots streamline production, accelerate shelf restocking and reduce worker injuries, helping to boost the bottom line.

1Data Bridge Market Research, July 2023

Smart, Safe and Versatile

Water Spider/Kanban Replenishment

Lean manufacturing solutions to ensure that all workstations receive what they need when they need.


A kitting solution that enables direct delivery of materials and finished goods to their destination.

Continuous Flow

Ensures pieces continue to flow through the process instead of piling up as they wait for the batch to complete.

Trilogy and Peer: The Power to Move Forward

Now, get the material transport robots and the future-ready network to power them from a trusted single source. Trilogy NextGen. Trilogy is proud to partner with Peer Robotics, a leading developer of collaborative robotics, like the RM250 material transport solution.

Meet the RM250

Compact and powerful, the RM240 carries payloads of up to 550 lbs at 2.5 miles per hour, continuously for up to 12 hours. It’s ideal for moving trolleys and bins in any indoor environment.

Collaborative: Using Person2Peer technology, the RM250 quickly learns your processes, needs and expectations. Quickly customize tasks or change applications on the fly, no coding required.

Intelligent and aware: Equipped with two 360-degree Lidars and four 3D cameras, the RM250 uses natural navigation to avoid obstacles even in congested or cluttered environments.

Plug and Play: Solutions that fit your needs and integrates with your physical and IT infrastructure.

Versatile: Compatible with a wide variety of bins and trolleys for seamless delivery on demand. Define pick and drop points with ease, without making any changes to your infrastructure.

Industrial networks

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Smart, aware and capable, robots like the RM250 generate and consume massive amounts of data. They also rely on ubiquitous wireless coverage and low-latency performance. Because every facility environment is unique, a one-size-fits-all network solution simply won’t work.

Trilogy NextGen specializes in designing, integrating and managing customized networks that take advantage of the wide range of technologies: private LTE/5G, fixed wireless, Wi-Fi, wired connectivity and more. Together, Trilogy’s network expertise and Peer’s best-in-class RM250 material transport robot offer a single-source solution that keeps your business moving forward. Now and in the future.


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