Powering Enterprise 5G Infrastructure

Azure Private Multi-Access Edge Compute

Ultra-low-latency networking, applications, and services delivered securely from your premises.

Azure private MEC provides the foundation for Trilogy NextGen edge applications. It combines compute, Azure Private 5G Core network functions, and other edge-optimized Azure services to deliver high performance, ultra-low-latency solutions that address the modern business needs of enterprise customers. Azure private MEC employs Azure Network Function Manager to simplify the configuration, deployment and management of packet core instances, firewalls, load balancers, and VPN gateways across the cloud and the edge. The Azure global cloud platform, its connectivity options and advanced services allows us to offer innovative enterprise solutions as fully managed offerings across a broad range of industries.

Key Features

Transform your enterprise applications.

Facilitate rapid digital transformation for your enterprise customers with complete edge computing solutions and innovative applications that leverage technology for business value. Simplify the delivery of secure 4G and ultra-low latency 5G connectivity at your customer sites and employ edge applications to create innovative new solutions and revenue streams.

Support broad connectivity requirements.

Deploy packet core and radio access network functions right from the Azure Marketplace to provide private 4G and 5G connectivity that enables your enterprise to reliably and securely run low latency applications. Expand connectivity options to include SD-WAN, security firewalls, and VPN gateways from the same edge platform.

Your choice of edge hardware platform.

Easily deploy your Azure private MEC solutions across a range of hardware platforms using Azure Arc and Azure Network Function Manager. Select from a portfolio of Microsoft platform options that are all managed and monitored in Azure. Integrating compute, connectivity, Azure services, and applications dramatically simplifies management and operations.

Build and manage with total confidence.

Simplify the procurement, deployment, and management of Trilogy NextGen’s edge offerings directly from the Azure Marketplace. Combine with edge-optimized services such as Azure AI Services, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Stream Analytics, and Azure IoT Edge to create intelligent applications that drive the digital transformation of your network, processes, and business models.

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