Key Takeaways from CES 2023

When showcasing the latest technological innovations, there’s no matching the absolute star power of CES – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES 2023 was a very well-attended event, with more than 115,000 tech leaders and enthusiasts in attendance. In addition, this year’s CES had more than 3,200 exhibitors giving everyone in attendance their money’s worth in terms of being the first to witness amazing innovations that have the potential to change the world.

While CES vendors covered many industries, from cryptocurrency to food tech, I was focused on exploring the key trends and use cases of private LTE/5G, as well as datacasting solutions leveraging ATSC 3.0.

Here are some of the key takeaways that caught my attention:

Robotics Comes to the Forefront

Bots that talk and walk were everywhere this year. I found robots with four legs that adapt their movements to deal with obstacles. They are even medical robots that can be used to administer minimally invasive medical treatment, as well as robots that can perform training for your employees. However, unreliable Wi-Fi could be a problem for moving robots. This provides an excellent opportunity to leverage Trilogy NextGen’s innovative connectivity solutions.

AI-Driven Virtual Humans with Endless Potential

It’s incredible to see how far AI has come. Want to have a specific newscaster on the air 24/7? Or do you want your celebrity spokesperson to be available to greet customers anytime? With the newest AI innovations, it’s no problem! All you have to do is sit and speak for a few hours while the AI records you. Once it has enough data, it can project your virtual avatar 24 hours a day.  

Autonomous Vehicles – Who Needs a Driver’s License?

The potential of autonomous wheelchairs, taxis, electric cars, delivery trucks, and humongous mining haulers will redefine how we move about the world. From everyday life to industrial site work, reliable connectivity is vital to safely transforming transportation. So, whether you’re serving clients dependent on wheelchairs for mobility or responsible for a 200-ton mining truck, you need more than a simple Wi-Fi connection. Robust solutions like 4G and 5G are critical for more uplink-intensive use cases.

Interactive Digital Kiosks and Hologram Displays

The newest digital kiosks drive highly engaging experiences for use in hotels, public spaces, and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. Not only did life-size holograms not only deliver realistic interactions, but they’re really cool, too.

Many of these holographic displays had backup wireless connectivity options. More importantly, private LTE/5G will allow you to quickly move and place the hologram displays at ad-hoc locations.

ATSC 3.0 Showcases Its Potential

Several demos showed the power and potential of ATSC 3.0 broadcasting and datacasting. With multiple home, car, and digital display applications, tech companies are setting up an expansive ecosystem perfect for innovation. Set-top boxes, gateways, and software automation stacks are being leveraged to make the most of broadcast spectrum.

How Trilogy NextGen Can Make All of This Possible

Trilogy NextGen was founded to provide innovative connectivity solutions to help meet the needs of new technologies. Combining our unique datacasting offering with traditional LTE/5G capabilities, we can offer more consistent, cost-effective, and reliable services to people and IoT devices needing internet connectivity.

As innovative connectivity experts, Trilogy NextGen understands the unique challenges of operating in even the most extreme outdoor and indoor environments. We leverage broadcast, broadband and cloud technologies to create simple, customizable solutions that solve even the most complex connectivity challenges.

And by building and operating your high-speed broadband network, we simplify your connectivity challenge, allowing you to bring new technology like those showcased at CES 2023 to life.