Case Study: Texas School District Deployment

In 2021, Trilogy NextGen deployed broadband internet access to three large urban Dallas ISD institutions at record speed, allowing students to attend online schools and interact with teachers and administrators in real-time while complying with federal and state regulations like CIPA and FERPA. The engineers at Trilogy NextGen combined CRBS spectrum and TVWS to reach consistent speeds of over 100 Mbps downloads across communities surrounding these schools and extending internet reach to over two miles.

Trilogy’s deployment of a carrier grade network provides the critical connection for the students to learn, interact, and communicate with their teachers during the Covid 19 pandemic and the new blended learning environment.

Trilogy NextGen designs, deploys, and manages networks that provide:

  • Reliable high throughput low latency campus broadband
  • Remote wireless broadband access that extends to students at home
  • Compliance with financial and performance metrics required by all funding programs
  • Comprehensive spectrum access planning across all bands
  • Integral, world class IT security platform
  • World class ecosystem partners including HPE, Amdocs, Fortinet, Red Hat, and Cisco
Texas School District Deployment

Key deployment metrics

Phase one: Private LTE | 5G Network

  • Completed in 120 days
  • Max speeds 500 Mbps
  • Covers 4500 students
  • Campus & Home access
  • Latency < 30ms

Phase two: ATSC 3.0 Broadcast

  • Completion Jan ’22
  • Covering 10 cities
  • 230 schools
  • 153,000 Students
  • Covering 283 sq miles

Students covered


Campus speeds over

500 Mbps


< 30ms