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Trilogy NextGen Private LTE & ATSC 3.0 Broadcast

Trilogy NextGen operates two primary technologies

Trilogy NextGen builds carrier-grade private LTE/5G networks on unlicensed and licensed spectrum serving schools, institutions, reservations, municipalities, and private enterprise. We utilize a broad array of wireless spectrum frequencies, a cloud native network core with an advanced hybrid architecture that greatly reduce the cost and network build time.  Our primary technologies fall into two categories of Private LTE (Broadband) and ATSC 3.0 TV Standard (IP Broadcast).

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Private LTE|5G Networks

Citizens Broadband Radio Service, or CBRS, is a band of radio-frequency spectrum that has been allocated in the US for traditional operators, cable companies and Wireless Internet Service Providers.  CBRS gives operators an efficient way to build carrier grade private networks using shared spectrum. It enables a mobile ecosystem that supports a high degree of privacy and security with highly reliable performance. Trilogy has been a pioneer in the CBRS spectrum since the FCC authorized its full use in 2020. Trilogy has partnered with many of the leading LTE infrastructure vendors. Aside from CBRS, Trilogy has worked with with 2.5GHz (EBS) spectrum as well as other unlicensed bands such as 5GHz to maximize end customer throughput when possible.

Trilogy also utilizes TV White Space (TVWS) unlicensed spectrum to augment network coverages where applicable.  TVWS refers to the unused space between TV Channels which can be converted to enhance wireless broadband coverage in certain areas. Combining CBRS and TVWS, Trilogy NextGen can offer network solutions that exceed other carrier offerings and prepare organizations for applications of the future. Trilogy can use their exclusive TVWS LTE RAN solution for expanding clutter-penetrating coverage for rural markets as well as supporting unique use cases with this technology.

Combining LTE with ATSC 3.0 for superior performance


Re-defining broadcast technology

Trilogy NextGen merges Broadcast and Broadband services through the unique capabilities of the Next-Gen TV standards of ATSC 3.0. While still delivering data and services to televisions, home devices and set-top boxes (STB) using advanced compression for more channels including 4K and UHD quality, the new digital TV standard also provides the ability to deliver standard internet data in parallel on the same signal. This provides a never-before-seen capability to deliver data from a single source to potentially millions of receive points (one to many delivery) without the usual complications of bandwidth capacity and traffic congestion. The beauty of this is the receiving end does not need to be a television. A device the size of a deck of cards with an antenna can now be a data offload point. Whether it’s a student’s laptop at home or remote commercial equipment such as utility devices, transit buses, or network edge servers, there is going to be a use case within your organization.

Through our partnerships, Trilogy NextGen has access to the largest ATSC 3.0 broadcasters, covering 72% of the country, and more are in the works. Combine this with the technical abilities designed into the new 3.0 standard to “cellularize” the delivery of the signal through SFN’s (Single Frequency Networks), not in recent times has such a significant increase in data payload delivery come to the market. Through our iterative testing we have produced valuable acknowledged research, a proven ecosystem, standards influence, and governmental policy influence with our custom built ATSC 3.0 lab, merging broadcast with LTE|5G.